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Rhode Island Restraining Orders

There are a few different types of restraining orders in Rhode Island.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders:

        Domestic violence restraining orders are designed to protect families from domestic abuse. Being in a domestic relationship, family members, or having a child in common all fall under the Domestic Abuse Prevention Statute. This type of restraining order seeks to protect a victim from sexual assault, threats, bodily injury, and the like. 

Civil Restraining Orders:

        Civil restraining orders are designed to protect individuals from physical violence, threats of violence, or conduct that seriously scares or endangers an individual. An individual can seek this type of restraining order against a friend or a neighbor, for instance.  

Elder Abuse Restraining Orders:

        An elder abuse restraining order is sought after when an individual is over 65 years old, and has been abused or feels threatened that they will be abused in the near future. This can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and neglect. 

How to file for a restraining order:

To file for a restraining order in Rhode Island, an individual must go to the courthouse in their jurisdiction and fill out the paperwork including an affidavit which is their sworn statement. The judge will then review the paperwork and if the judge grants the restraining order, there will be a second hearing so that the defendant can face the victim. 

If you or someone you knows need an attorney to:

  • File for a no-contact order; 
  • Defend yourself against a no-contact order that was filed against you; or
  • You're a victim that wants the no-contact order vacated

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