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In it for the long haul

January 9, 2023: I had two cases going at the same time with two different people both had me quit distorts there were times over the year and a half almost two that I was ready to give in completely if it were not for Tanya I would have settled and lost everything. I asked around and got Tanya's name from a friend. The consult was easy and I hired her at the end of the consult. I emailed over every little thing in the beginning and probably the entire time and she was able to give me quick and concise advice as well as file things quickly. In the courtroom I felt overwhelmed every time I had to speak I just followed Tanya's lead and stayed calm cool and collected. She was also quick to respond when the other Attoney was attacking my character. I came out getting the best out of both my cases even the judge congratulated Tanya. If it were not for Tanya I would have loss my home and not gotten a fresh start at life. I highly recommend going for a consultation Tanya is phenomenal!

– Hunter