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Magistrate Hearings

Clerk Magistrate's Hearing

What is a Clerk Magistrate's hearing and how will a Magistrate's hearing affect me?

A Clerk Magistrate's hearing, also called a "show cause" hearing is an another way a person can answer to charges faced in District Court. A Clerk Magistrate's hearing can be issued when there was no arrest or sometimes when there was an arrest. Usually, a police officer files a complaint with the Clerk of District Court and the Clerk Magistrate determines whether or not there is probable cause to issue a criminal complaint and for someone to be placed on the criminal complaint calendar in that Court. 

It is important to have an experienced Clerk Magistrate attorney by your side. If the Clerk Magistrate finds no probable cause to issue a complaint, the charge(s) are dismissed and the person does not have to come back to Court. Additionally, if the Clerk Magistrate finds no probable cause, the charge(s) does not show up on one's criminal background check. If the Clerk Magistrate does find probable cause and issues a criminal complaint, even if the case is later dismissed or a person is found not guilty, it will still show up on a criminal background check.

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