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Mari recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Dedicated to her work/clients

     July 30, 2021: I'm beyond satisfied, with the work Attorney Gravel did for me. She's very attentive, and responsive. She's patient, and listens. Ensures that you fully understand, absolutely everything going on, at every step. I couldn't be happier, with the outcome of my case. So glad I made the right choice, for legal representation. She's the Best! 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, A+++++++.

Jonathan recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Tanya Gravel

     May 21, 2021: Tanya Gravel was excellent she exceed my expectations made sure everything was fair and gave her honest Opinion oh and I would never go to another lawyer she will be My permanent lawyer thank you Tanya Gravel you have made my life a lot easier

Stephen recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Dont rush the process Trust the process

     May 6, 2021: When I first met Tanya I was several years deep into this divorce battle. I am a very intense individual who is at times alot to handle however working with Tanya showed me that if you are patient and trust her instructions and take her advice you will get the outcome you deserve. She is very clear and honest and will go absolutely full force for you if you allow her to. I cannot thank Tanya enough I went from monitored visits when I started to joint custody and involved in schools,Drs etc

Joe recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Great Lawyer

     May 4, 2021: Very up front with the judge and personal gets what u need done and very nice . I recommend her to anyone.100 percent on time and ready to fight for ur needs

Luis recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Child Custody and Support

     April 19, 2021: I not only recommend attorney Tanya M. Gravel, but I guarantee once you have used her service you too will look no further. She responds in an extreme timely matter, she is a very knowledge, trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. I used Mrs. Tanya for custody and support, she is a wonderful attorney I could not have been happier and I will never go anywhere else. Thank you attorney....

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Custody and Child Support

     December 10, 2020: Tanya helped us develop a custodial contract in an amicable way that made sense for both of our schedules. She also assisted me in the child support hearing by clarifying what documentation was needed and the impact it would have on the overall spend. She was candid throughout the entire process as to what could and could not be done.

Danielle recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     December 4, 2020: Tanya is very down to earth, hard working, won't fill your head with lies just to take your money. She's very honest and willing to help whenever possible. Highly recommend! Never made me feel guilty when other male lawyers did. I have nothing but POSITIVE things to say about Tanya Gravel.

M recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     December 3, 2020: Was in danger of getting the Collin Foote penalty unfortunately due to an dishonest officer... No worries I called Tanya and she set expectation on what was going to happen. She made it happen again this is the second time I've hired Tanya and she has yet to disappoint. Thank You again Tanya and much success in your career! :)

Brayan recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     February 24, 2020: Not the fist time I work with Tanya. I have nothing but good things to say about her, definitely would tell my friends and family if needed about her, very reasonable price. Very smart, prompt, professional and most important she with get you the results you're expecting.

Doug recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Tanya is great!

     January 28, 2020: I was previously working with a lawyer that had a lot of years of experience, but he kept telling me I did not have enough evidence against my son's mom to get placement of him. I talked to Tanya and she filed an emergency motion and I was awarded placement of my son immediately. She has helped us so much with ongoing visitation issues and our case is now closed and my son is in a safe place. If I need a family lawyer again sometime in the future Tanya will be the first person I call!

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Hired for speeding ticket defense

     January 21, 2020: I talked to Tanya about a speeding ticket I had received in Massachusetts. She was very professional with me throughout the consultation. She explained the court process and her planned defense. Her fees were made clear and easy to pay. On the day of the court hearing, she showed up on time and cleared up any questions I had. I was very happy with her defense and we received a favorable outcome.

Kelly recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Great Lawyer

     January 17, 2020: I highly recommend Tanya as she is professional, truthful, and organized. When I lost my license she was helpful and explained what I had to do in order to get my license back. Thank you Tanya!

Amy recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     December 31, 2019: The best lawyer I have. Returns emails and calls in a timely manner. Puts 100% effort in to her case. Proud to say she helped me out with mine. Reasonable prices.

Anthony recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Handled everything

     November 24, 2019: Tanya helped me with my issue and I never had to step foot a courtroom, very responsive and answered any questions promptly would recommend !

Dshun recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Great lawyer!     

     September 11, 2019:  Tanya was a very organized, always stayed in touch to keep me updated on my case; she fought to the very end and I walked away free!!!

Marcellus recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     The Best Dual State Attorney in New England:

     August 15, 2019: Ms Tanya Gravel was highly recommended to me for my Child support case. Ms Gravel was very professional, caring and had extensive knowledge of all laws relating to family court support laws. Ms. Gravel worked my case from beginning to actual going in front of the Judge. She negotiated with courts to a reasonable solution. I would like to recommend her for any family matter or legal services which you would need legal representation.

Jason recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Completely satisfied

     July 17, 2019: Ms. Gravel represented me for 2 camera speeding violations and was helpful, considerate and honest. Both violations were dismissed due to complete professionalism exhibited by Ms. Gravel... I would recommend her services and will continue to utilize her services when needed.

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Professional and very helpful!

     July 1, 2019: I had to go to traffic court for multiple speeding tickets which could of landed me a 1 year license suspension along with 60 hours community service, 60 hours driver retraining, and $1000 in fines. She was able to help me escape with only a 30 day suspension and $500 fine. Not only that, but she was very patient and understanding when my car engine would not start the morning that I had court! I had to Uber, and therefore was late to the trial. Highly recommend Tanya.

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Great Lawyer

     June 24, 2019: I was charged with permit injury to child and reckless endangerment. With the help from Tanya Gravel the case was dismissed! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Martha recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     June 24, 2019: Highly recommend! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication with my case, which was ultimately dismissed!

Kav recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Great Job Dismissing a Traffic Ticket

     June 21, 2019:  Tanya did a great job dismissing my ticket. Since i was out of state, my only option was for her to take all steps alone, including showing up to the court. At the end the ticket got dismissed, which was a relief in light of my unfamiliarity with the system.

Marcia recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:


     April 30, 2019: Tanya has been dealing with my case for over a year. She has been very helpful and has a lot of knowledge in guiding me with the case I was dealing with. She is very pleasant and patient . Highly recommend !

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Tanya Gravel 

     April 18, 2019: TANYA was exceptional from our first meeting for help with traffic tickets. Explained everything we needed to know and what to expect for an outcome. TANYA was very professional and thorough

Joseph recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Tanya M Gravel

     March 20, 2019: I hired Tanya M Gravel as my defense attorney. thank you for an outstanding job! very Professional and took you time to hear me out. very easy to talk to. I had bad Anxiety about the whole situation. you made me feel at ease. I appreciate your compassion and patients. you resolved the matter quickly as possible. I will high recommend you to anyone who seeks legal help. Thanks Tanya  

Eric recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Excellent Lawyer! Highly Recommend!

    March 14, 2019: I hired Attorney Tanya Gravel to represent me in my child custody case. She did an excellent job and delivered. She was very professional and clear and thorough every step of the way. She took time to answer all my questions and made sure I understood everything. I am glad I chose her. I highly recommend her!

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Traffic Ticket

     February 4, 2019: Tanya I appreciate your personal deliverance of high quality legal representation and pristine Professionalism. Thank you !

Matthew recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Traffic Tribunal case

     January 29, 2019: Tanya was very helpful. I was not able to meet with her as I was no longer living in RI, but her communication via phone/email/text was excellent. She was able to lower several traffic fines of mine significantly and ended up helping me out a ton.

Nancy recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Family Court (DCYF) 

     January 27, 2019: Tanya is very good lawyer take care my case very professional answer all my call email always. She investigated my case very well professional with much enthusiasm. The result was a success to my defense. Thank you very much Tanya. You will have a lot of success in you career.

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Dismissed restraining order

     January 9, 2019: I highly recommend Tanya Gravel for criminal defense and family court cases. After being suited with a restraining order, which could have affected my green card application process and personal life, I found myself in need of an attorney to help me solve the problem. Dr. Tanya Gravel was suggested from another attorney to solve my case. She immediately convoked a meeting, made her notes, and professionally discussed my case. She is kind and very knowledgeable. She was sympathetic with my situation. She knew already how to solve my case. After discussing her strategy, I decided to hire her. Compared to other attorneys, the fee was very reasonable. At the court, she fluently talked with the plaintiff and she got an agreement which made the judge to dismiss the case. Her performance was excellent in all aspect. All I can say is that I am relieved and grateful for everything she has done. For sure, I have an attorney I can count on. Thank you, Dr. Tanya Gravel! I wish you all the best in your professional and personal life.

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Tanya was excellent!

     November 5, 2018: Tanya handled my traffic tribunal case from start to finish and really listened to what I had to say in order to understand what I was looking for as far as a desired outcome and and why it was so inportant to me. She was thorough in communicating information to me, and most importantly came through when it counted the most. Tanya was able to achieve our number one desired outcome in regards to my traffic tribunal case and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended !

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Traffic Tribunal

     October 23, 2018: Today I had a traffic court, in the court belonging to the state of Rhode Island for a violation, thank you to the lawyer, Tanya Gravel, after several months of work. Today we had a great result where the judge declared me not guilty of the case. Very good lawyer.

Michael recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Happy Client

     October 11, 2018: Tanya had a gps monitor removed from me two years before it could be removed .she contacted people who needed to give her some letters and came to court very well prepared and i was very happy it was removed i would recommend her services to anyone .i am one happy person i chose her thank you Tanya

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Traffic Court

     October 2, 2018: Tanya helped me with my handful of traffic violations. She did a fantastic job with my case! She was able to get 3 out of 4 of my citations dismissed! Lovely lady! Will definitely be contacting her again if I need help in the future.

Paulo recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     OUI Charge with Jury trial NOT GUILTY Verdict!!!!     

     September 15, 2018: My boyfriend was charged with and OUI and Tanya was recommended to us. From the first meeting, she was kind, professional and very knowledgeable. Tanya made us comfortable, communicated immediately and kept us informed. The case went to a trial jury and she was amazing and the results was a Not Guilty Verdict. We are very thankful of all her support and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney. Thanks Tanya for your great work!

Doug recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Definitely my new Lawyer for anything!

     August 24, 2018:I started looking for an Attorney to help me with 2 citations I received from the state police that were not just. I have a perfect drivers record and wanted it to stay that way seeing as I drive for a living. I looked online for a week or two at reviews and asked around, and Attorney Gravel and her Partners name came up more than a few times. I sent them an email and Attorney Gravel messaged me the next day. Made arraignments to go to her office for a consultation. I'm kind of a non social person sometimes (lol). She was really nice and personable. We discussed everything and she told me she cold at least get one of the citations dismissed which was fine by me. I definitely felt comfortable around her and after we talked for about 20 minutes I decided to hire her. The fee was reasonable compared to other quotes I had gotten from 5 other Attorneys and I felt confident she would be the best choice for what I had going on. She appeared in court for me both times so I didn't have to take time off work to appear. Attorney Gravel kept me up to date with everything that was going on she also offered to pay any fees that I had and I'd pay that back after trial. 
     The same day after trial she messaged me, emailed me and left me a voice mail letting me know the outcome and that she had gotten BOTH citations dismissed!! Luckily my drivers record is really good. This year seemed like nothing had been going my way, she turned that around. I know I hired her to do this but she exceeded my expectations and it's something that I won't Ever forget. From here on out she's definitely my go to Attorney.

     I highly recommend Tanya, doubt you'll find any other lawyer that seems that's caring about your case regardless how big or small it may be.Thank you so much Tanya!

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Domestic Violence Charge Dismissed

     August 1, 2018:   Tanya Gravel is an excellent attorney. She defended me against domestic charge charges and they were dismissed without trial. She was always present before court began for any questions, and went out of her way to meet up with me before between court dates. Her attorney fees are also very reasonable. Thanks Tanya!!

CF recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Excellent Attorney

     June 21, 2018:   Attorney Gravel defended my domestic abuse case effortlessly and effectively. She has such a calm demeanor that made me feel very reassured that everything would be alright. She has my highest recommendation. It took her 15 minutes to resolve my issue in court. May God continue and grow her practice! 

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Terrific Experience

     June 19, 2018:   I got a speeding ticket early this year and there was a possibility of my license getting revoked.. I consulted Tanya and I am glad I did that.. She was awesome in handling everything and I never have to worry about anything. Not only she was able to dissolve everything but also was able to reduce the penalties. Totally worth it. I am really thankful to her and I would highly highly recommend her.

Corrin recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Great lawyer

     April 4, 2018:  She did a great job handling my case. She got my registration and inspection fixed and I only had to meet with her one time. I didn't have to miss any work to make a court appearance and she texted me all the updates with my case so I was aware of everything. Highly recommended attorney. Thank you!

Steven recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Great lawyer!! 

     April 3, 2018:  Great lawyer knows what she's doing and will get your case fixed in no time. She's very kind knowledgeable and easy to get along with. I don't think anyone could have done it better than she did. I would recommend her 100%

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Very good experience, was easy as could be- good price

     March 15, 2018:  I had 2 texting while driving tickets and was facing an automatic suspension having pled guilty to 1 of them already. saw Tanya in her office. She told me exactly how it would be handled and everything she stated happened just that way. Price was very reasonable... and I literally didn't have to do anything beyond that meeting! No court appearances. She made the deals, texted me the outcomes, got me into a simple one night driver retraining class and that was all that was required of me. And record from the open offense was wiped clean as well.

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Excellent Lawyer

     March 14, 2018: Tanya represented me when I was arrested for failure to stop for a police officer. Because of the heavily wooded area and late time of the night I was proceeding to a safe spot with better lighting in a more public area with better cell service. She was able to have the unnecessary criminal charges successfully dropped. I would definitely recommend her.

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Quick, prompt, and honest

     January 10, 2018:  I had received a ticket for no insurance, no inspection, and registration, I thought I WAS doomed after receiving that ticket, however I called Tanya explained my situation and she set the expectation on what she was going to do and delivered on what she said. She eased all my worries, I am happy due to the fact that without Tanya on this case I would of received a higher fine not to mention my driving record would of crumbled I'm happy with the results and would recommend Tanya to anybody with a traffic ticket. Awesome Job!!! 

Tiffany recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Excellent Lawyer!

     January 4, 2018:  Tanya was a lawyer I hired for a traffic violation. She was very detailed in explaining my options and very committed to helping receive the best outcome possible. She did not disappoint. She was timely and made the process carefree for myself. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort she put forth!

Anonymous recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Professional and Helpful

     December 19, 2017:  Tanya represented me at a court matter. She's very easy to get in touch with. Provided detailed reply for all my questions. Very professional and helpful. Thank you!

Laye recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Highly Recommend

     December 16, 2017:  I was in a very tough situation with my license almost being suspended and when I handed over multiple cases in regards to it to Tanya, she did not disappoint me. She is very truthful, reasonable, and professional. Thank you!

 Janell recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Family Situation

     November 30, 2017:     Lawyer Tanya Gravel represented me at my family court matter and she was awesome! She kept her word and did her best to get me the best outcome possible. I would definitely hire her again for any matter that I may have in the future. She is very pleasant, professional, and honest. Great lawyer hands down!

Derrick recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel:

     Tanya Gravel is an excellent lawyer

     November 29, 2017:  I was in search of an attorney for an incident I had which was going to impact my employment, and my livelihood. Tanya was the only one to get back to me in a timely manner and immediately set up an appointment. Within a few weeks everything was basically dismissed and I only had to pay a small fee! I highly recommend her and feel good knowing if anything ever happens in the future, I can count on her!

Justin recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     Quick, straightforward results

     October 7, 2017:  I contacted Ms. Gravel to handle a case in the Traffic Tribunal. Her work was to-the-point and she kept me updated when necessary. We had talked about what was likely going to happen. The final result ended up being a bit cheaper than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

Julio recommends Attorney Tanya Gravel: 

     September 21, 2017:  I was in there for a minute and Tanya handled it all, I didn't even have to say anything. I felt so much more comfortable, confident, and safe walking in the court with Tanya.