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Definitely my new Lawyer for anything!

August 24, 2018:I started looking for an Attorney to help me with 2 citations I received from the state police that were not just. I have a perfect drivers record and wanted it to stay that way seeing as I drive for a living. I looked online for a week or two at reviews and asked around, and Attorney Gravel and her Partners name came up more than a few times. I sent them an email and Attorney Gravel messaged me the next day. Made arraignments to go to her office for a consultation. I'm kind of a non social person sometimes (lol). She was really nice and personable. We discussed everything and she told me she cold at least get one of the citations dismissed which was fine by me. I definitely felt comfortable around her and after we talked for about 20 minutes I decided to hire her. The fee was reasonable compared to other quotes I had gotten from 5 other Attorneys and I felt confident she would be the best choice for what I had going on. She appeared in court for me both times so I didn't have to take time off work to appear. Attorney Gravel kept me up to date with everything that was going on she also offered to pay any fees that I had and I'd pay that back after trial.

The same day after trial she messaged me, emailed me and left me a voice mail letting me know the outcome and that she had gotten BOTH citations dismissed!! Luckily my drivers record is really good. This year seemed like nothing had been going my way, she turned that around. I know I hired her to do this but she exceeded my expectations and it's something that I won't Ever forget. From here on out she's definitely my go to Attorney.

I highly recommend Tanya, doubt you'll find any other lawyer that seems that's caring about your case regardless how big or small it may be. Thank you so much Tanya!

– Doug